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Exhibiting at the Nigerian American Expo presents Exhibitors with unimaginable opportunities.
Some of the reasons are outlined below.

Sales opportunities

With well over five hundred visitors and delegates expected to attend this two days event, you will be well positioned to take advantage…..


Sales appointment

There would be a definite need to setup sales appointments following the significant number of leads generated at this year’s  …..

Product Launch

The Nigerian American Expo is an ideal platform for you to introduce a new product or services to your target audience.

Global brand positioning

There is no better place in the United States to position your business brand as you interface with the highly sophisticated and influencial ……

Establishing partnerships

You are bound to come in contact with potential business partners who would be keen to establish a viable business relationship with you based …..

Media exposure

Considering the caliber of delegates and expected guests, the large presence of both Nigerian and international media becomes quite inevitable.


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